These last 6 weeks I’ve been in the wilderness (of the 3rd floor of the Loma Linda Med Center) being tempted by OB/GYN – and it’s kind of working for me!

This is  super surprising, as coming into medical school I always said “I don’t know what I want, but I know I DON’T  want OB/GYN”… In fact, I complained a lot about starting my OB rotation (hence the title OB/G-Whine, instead of OB/GYN – get it? I know. I’m hilarious, you can thank me later) but somehow, in the midst of some things I didn’t enjoy doing, I also found myself doing things that I LOVED and that made 14 hour shifts something I looked forward to doing and reluctant to leave.

I don’t know if I will end up doing OB/GYN, it’s entirely possible that the things I hate about it will beat out the things that I love. However, it is back on the table, making my future life decisions even more challenging than before.

The good news is that again I have learned some fun facts to share with you:

  • Babies are a lot like God in the fact that they really don’t care to follow any of your plans.
  • If you can see through, it you can cut through it.
  • “Out of all the risks a woman can take in her life, getting pregnant in the biggest one.” – Dr. Patton
  • Breast is best.
  • Hormonal pregnant women do surprisingly less yelling than I expected them to (referring to my fears mentioned in A Family Affair).
  • My back rubs can cure hyperemesis.
  • It’s pretty awkward when an attending physician stops operating in the middle of surgery to inform the entire OR team that you look just like Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Hummingbirds hibernate every night and have to warm-up in the morning before they can fly.
  • For those pro-life friends of mine: the best way to decrease the number of abortions is not by making abortion illegal, but by increasing the use of long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) such as IUDs.
  • Benign Gyn has the power to kick Cardiothoracic surgery out of the OR.
  • On L&D, some nights everything that can possibly go wrong will and you will have 13 people waiting to be seen by triage, and the next night there will be one delivery and no triage patients and you will spend the entire time watching videos of polar bears, Russian and Korean rappers, and cats getting shot out of trees with a fire hose.
  • If you meet resistance while pulling out the foley – don’t keep pulling.
  • When you tell a surgeon you’re ambidextrous and then tell them you probably aren’t going into a surgical specialty, they get pretty upset.

And while all of these facts are super duper fun to know, probably the most important thing I learned and that I particularly want people who are not in the medical field to understand, is this:

The process of pregnancy and child birth can go wrong so incredibly fast. Yes, women have been giving birth centuries before hospitals and physicians. But childbirth was also the #1 cause of death in women during that time. So to my friends out there that are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, please go see your OB. Get consistent prenatal care and have the discussions about the birth process with a physician. Let them help guide you in the decisions you make about how to bring your child into this world in the safest possible way for both you and your baby. 

I’ll get off my soap box now. But for reals, OB/GYN has been a blast. I’ll be missing these times as I walk around in endless circles on internal medicine.


Shout out to these fool’s for putting up with me for the last 6 weeks!

If you’re looking for some midnight entertainment – here are a few of my personal favorites for your viewing pleasure, compliments of a few slow shifts on night float:

Life hack: if you type in “Russian _______” (insert literally any noun or verb) on youtube, you will find some great entertainment!



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