From Such Great Heights

We all have that Thing.

You know what I’m talking about – that one Thing about ourselves that we just can’t get over. That one Thing that more than anything else we would want to change if we could.

The Thing that our nasty little inside voice whispers to us about. If only you weren’t __________ then you would have that job. If only you didn’t have _________ then you wouldn’t be alone.

Maybe if I just changed ___________ then he would love me.

We all have that Thing.

Mine is my height.

At 6’1″ tall, I’d be considered a tall guy, but for a girl? It’s ginormous. And the thing about this Thing of mine is that it may be one of the few things about me that I absolutely, under no circumstances, can ever change.

No matter how much I wish, pray, hope, and dream – I will never be any shorter than I am.

But here’s the other thing about this Thing of mine – while I hate it, I also LOVE being tall (find that confusing? It’s cause I’m a girl, don’t worry about it).

I love that I can always see the stage at a concert. I love the fact that I draw attention when I enter a room. I like that I am an incredibly difficult person to intimidate (a VERY valuable trait as a female medical student), because it’s nearly impossible to look down on me. I love the fact that I feel comfortable traveling alone because I would be a super inconvenient person to kidnap!

Isn’t this so often true about our “things?” Even though there are a thousand reasons for why we want to change them, I bet you we can also come up with a thousand and a one reasons for why they are an important part of what makes us so incredibly unique and beautiful.

Of course, I do get tired of hearing “Wow you’re tall” from random people on the street, having to always wear flats (because people complain when I wear heels), and getting asked if I play volleyball. I get jealous of all the “girl squad” photos where are the girls are the same height. And yes, there is a part of me that full heartedly believes that I will end up alone because I am tall.

However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week – I am choosing to be thankful for this Thing of mine. And perhaps by not perseverating on all the things I hate, maybe I won’t have the energy to hate them anymore. What if we did that more? How much happier would we be if we stopped hating unchangeable things about ourselves?

So while I do get exasperated by the aforementioned items, today I am just thankful that I am tall enough to reach the top shelf where they store all the jeans in the extra, extra long sizes 😉




One thought on “From Such Great Heights

  1. Terri Neil says:

    Tessa–when I lived in California and went to get my drivers license (at age 22 still in denial about my height), I told them I was 5’13”. and it became official! It’s been a great story to tell ever since! Lastly, Mason who measures 6’6″ loves the idea of, at times, returning the ‘do you play basketball’ question with ‘do you play miniature golf’? Equal time I guess. Stand tall and continue to help the old ladies in the store who can’t reach the olives on the top shelf.

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